Leading Louisiana

We are more than Excited to announce the 3rd Annual Leading Louisiana Summit which will be held in Baton Rouge this year.

Join us for Leading Louisiana

Louisiana High School Democrats is Hosting its third annual Leading Louisiana Summit on June 23rd in Baton Rouge. Which is proving to be the event of the year.
Due to limited space at the venue and limited programming materials there are 2 ways to secure acceptance to the Summit.

Everyone is encouraged to fill out the application to attend, Though Admission can only be secured by completing one of the actions below by May 21st.

Complete 100 Calls for Louisiana High School Democrats or an authorized campaign which you should get approved by emailing summit@lahsdems.com

You will receive emails daily with the phonebank link until either you finish 100 calls or you complete the donation action.


Donate $25 to Louisiana High School Democrats.

If you have any questions or concerns please email summit@lahsdems.com

We Look forward to seeing you there!

Join us for Leading Louisiana